Esther Phillips is one of the many many forgotten artists. I absolutely love her distinct, sassy voice. She did a reinterpretation of one of my old time favorites called “Alone Again, Naturally,” that was originally written and performed by Gilbert O’Sullivan in 1972. Esther took this song to a whole different level in my opinion. I’m sorry but, it’s a fact that when you add a little bit of soulful voice to any melody (never mind the music), it changes both it’s meaning and energy. I’ve heard a LOT of reinterpretations of this song by many artists (and that even includes Neil Diamond’s version). However, I think Esther did it best, even better than O’Sullivan (Sorry). Now, according to the billboard charts, this song only reached the 177th position, on the Top 200 Charts. However, that’s misleading because there are different positions for every category. In fact, I’m not even sure if that was an “album position,” instead of the actual position of the song. I had a heard time finding more data for this song. I’m not going to believe that people disliked the song that much for it to have peaked that low. If you’d like to listen to O’Sullivan’s original version, you can listen here.

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