Sweet Rock

You know, I never considered myself to be a huge rock fan. In fact, when I did listen to rock, I gravitated more towards soft rock. However “Smoke On The Water” released by Deep Purple, was one of the few heavy rock songs I thought was badass back in the day. Now, Deep Purple does mostly a lot of hard rock and heavy metal music, so this wouldn’t be the group you’d normally catch me listening too. “Smoke On The Water” was almost like listening to both Kiss and Led Zeppelin as one. There’s both a rock and somewhat disco element to the song that somehow worked for me! It peaked at #4 on the Top 100 Charts. Deep Purple is from England, and as far as I can tell they’re still performing. The band has gone through many incarnations, and now exist with entirely new faces compared to 40 years ago.

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One of my favorite songs from some of hip hop’s biggest groups back in the day; from Run DMC was “King Of Rock.” It was on side B, of their hit single “Walk This Way,” a duet with famous rock group Aerosmith. If I am not mistaken, Run DMC was the first mainstream rap group to experiment and incorporate rock in to their music. This experiment turned out to be a huge success. As far as I can recall, no other rap group has matched both the success of “Walk This Way,” and “king Of Rock.” The background music for “The King Of Rock” was perfect as far as helping to bring out the classic Run DMC persona we remember and loved.

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