Let me tell ya’ll young people something….. Taylor Dane was (and still is) one of the best & baddest vocal musicians that ever come out of the 80s generation! I don’t even know what category to put her in, because she sings all kinds of music; pop, a little rock, r&b, everything! Her voice is truly a powerhouse in my opinion. I remember watching an interview where she told America she originally was training to be a classical opera singer. Well, if you’re familiar with her music, you would never believe it if she didn’t say it! Taylor cranked out many hits, and one of my favorites ballads on the top of that list is a song called “I’ll Always Love You,” released in 1988. This was my jam! This was most people’s jam!! The song hit #3 on the Hot 100 Charts, and stayed relevant for 30 weeks! Her music really spanned all races, case I heard EVERYbody singing this song! Another amazing ballad was a song called “Love Will Lead You Back,” released in 1990. The song hit #1 and stayed there for a week. I didn’t know any Black person that wasn’t playing these two songs to the ground back in the day. Other hit favorites include: “With Every Beat Of My Heart,” “I’ll Be Your Shelter,”

The above has always been my favorite photo, because for some reason she reminds me so much of Milla Jovovich from the movie Resident Evil. In fact, you can really see the resemblance in her “Love Will Lead You Back” music video. Throughout Taylor’s career, she has sold over 75 million records and won 3 Grammy(s). Almost 40 years later, this 80s legend still continues to perform! I want you to check out some of her extended remixes. I just heard these for the first time today. “With Every Beat Of My Heart – Mental Dub,” “Tell It To My Heart (Club Mix),” “Don’t Rush Me – Continental Dub House Mix.”’s Best Selling Men’s Fragrances

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