I just have one question? What the hell happened to Tevin Campbell? I haven’t heard anything from this b*tch in ages! First off, for those who never heard of him before, he was and still is one of the very few male voices in music, that has the widest vocal range! Let me tell you, he is one of the very very few artist I consider to have one of the best voices in music entertainment. Now at age 41 he still maintained that golden voice! I became a huge fan of his music the first time I heard his song “Can We Talk,” released  in 1993 under Warner Brothers Records. This particular song is on the album titled “I’m Ready,” and it seems like it was almost entirely produced by Babyface. I’m not going to lie, I laughed at this song at first, because there was an instrument on this song (and don’t know what it’s called), that sounded like water coming down from a leaky pipe in a bathroom. But when I heard his voice……. I was done… I became a fan from that day on. The song peaked @ #9 on the billboards, and sold a little over a half a million copies. The song was nominated for best R&B song of the year.

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The “I’m Ready” album was one of those very few albums I can honestly say I liked all the songs. With Banging songs like “Don’t Say Goodbye,” and “I’m Ready,” he was not playing around. Tevin’s parents must have musically trained him as a kid, because by the time he came out with his first album, his voice sounded like a veteran. Like a said, very few males have the kind of range and control of their voices the way he did, and still does. “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do,” was another fierce song I loved. So many of the songs Tevin were singing seemed so beyond his years, but then again, the average child didn’t have his voice either. Tevin released a single last year called “Safer On The Ground,” which I like a lot, but you can’t help but acknowledge that it is a 180° turn from the music we were used to hearing from him.  Although I like this song, it didn’t appear to hit anywhere in the charts. To my understanding Tevin is doing well today, and has even done some Broadway.


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