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This is a special gallery I’ve created of photos curated from many different sources. Now, of course we all know that the phrase “The Most Handsome Men” is subjective! Therefore, it is MY personal opinion, and I’m entitled to have one just like everyone else 😡. I thought it would be interesting to post this subject. For superficial people, the “standards of what’s considered beauty, or beautiful” changes every 10, 20 or so years; and I wanted to point out “beauty” or “attractiveness” is timeless. Regardless of the era, if these men were still living today, wearing today’s styles (both clothing and hair), they’d still look just as appealing as they did in their time frame. So, I ask a question to the superficial person, “what is beauty?” Is it what you wear, or is it the person? Or is it their race, or is it the person? By the way, unfortunately, a lot of the men here are unknown, because of that, I didn’t bother to put names on them. Almost all are deceased.

Thank you for viewing my gallery! I hope you’ve enjoyed it!!!