This was and still is one of my favorite albums from the seventies. If there’s ever a disco album you should listen to, this would be one of them!! When the original album cover came out in 1976, it was one of those fold-out albums (single vinyl tho). The lady above only had that black Salsoul t-shirt on, and absolutely no pants. The t-shirt covered most of her butt 😂 . Now, as an adult, if I saw this album for the first time, I would have easily got the wrong impression that the album had filthy lyrics, or lyrics that send the wrong message about women. Actually, the photo alone would make me look the other way, you guys know I ain’t in to that 😂 . However, let me tell you, as I said before, this turned out to be my most favorite album growing up. One of my favorites, and one of the most popular songs called “Nice ‘N’ Naasty,” actually isn’t “naasty” at all, as the name suggests. However, the beat and the lyrics allowed you to use your imagination without being “pornographic,” or gross. The song was tasteful, and nicely done. Then again, it was a different era we were in. The song peaked @ #30, and stayed on the charts for 14 weeks.

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There are tons more favorites of mine from this album like “Ritzy Mambo,” and “It’s Good For The Soul.” Salsoul Orchestra was a House Band for Salsoul Records. Very much in the same way MFSB was to Philadelphia International Records. In fact, most of the original musicians from MFSB worked for Salsoul Orchestra,” so the band was pretty mixed in nationality. You could just imagine what a close-knit family they were. Although Salsoul Orchestra did mostly Latin disco, they’ve also done soul and pop music. They’ve diversely worked with many other artists you may remember, such as Jocelyn Brown, and Loleatta Holloway. Salsoul Orchestra sadly broke-up some time in 1982. Such a shame, they’ve made some awesome music during their existence.

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