Hi guys… I wanted to quickly share a conversation I had with someone, on one of those music web forums recently. Now, I want to reiterate that my opinions are from the standpoint of being a blogger, music fan since birth, a collector, my years of retail experience, and someone who USED TO purchase music (I do acknowledge being an actual artist is a whole different ball game).

I always seem to bump heads with artists from Bandcamp. An artist threw out a question “what are some of the ways he could promote himself better (something to that effect).” I don’t remember what I’ve written verbatim, I really didn’t think it was worth going back searching for it. However, I do remember getting a negative response back to my answer. He got so defensive, and told me how he was in a band, and they promoted his group by distributing CDs, and got their music playing on college radio. Blah, blah blah.. I told him that was amazing, cause I don’t remember how to even use my CD player. In fact, I’m sure if I walked around with my CD player on the train, people would look at me very strange. It totally didn’t occur to him that they accepted the CDs cause he was already in a college, with computers that have built in players. Today, I doubt anyone wants to carry a CD in their pocket! Not happening. Dude…. You need a serious social update!!

So, to make a long story short. I’m beginning to think that Bandcamp is for those old artists who just can’t let go of the very old business model. They still think they’re gonna make it big with selling CDs from the back of their truck. I want my readers to forward this article to any aspiring music artist you know. It’s important for artists to realize that by the time you publish your CD on Bandcamp, it’s already on YouTube. In other words, CDs are no longer a viable source of income. I’M TELLING YOU AS A MUSIC FAN…. NO ONE REALLY PURCHASES MUSIC ANYMORE!! Even the few that still do purchase music, a significant amount of their entertainment still comes from YouTube. Second, do you guys have any idea on just how easy it is to RIP something from YouTube? It literally takes less than a minute to encode an mp3 from YouTube. I know it’s hard to hear, but you MUST encourage your future fans to use music streaming. Put spotify codes on the back of your business card and distribute it. The people that still purchase CDs are a very small minority!

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