YES!!!!!!! I went there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weird Al Yankovic is one of the many artists I missed from the eighties era. Again, for those readers who did not live through the eighties, it was the best era in terms of music that was plain fun (before what it has become now, tits , ass, drama, and celebrity laundry aired on television…. But, I digress). Weird Al is a musical comedian who basically did a lot of spoofs on other artists work, in a non-degrading way. They were fun to listen to, his videos were fun to watch, and very tastefully done. Al has redone a few of Michael Jackson’s music, and one of my favorites is a song called “Eat It,” released in 1984. It was a re-interpretation of Micheal’s “Beat It.” Al’s version is just way too funny, and even funnier when you watch the video. Some of the lyrics remind me a lot of what my mom used to say “boy, you better eat the food I gave you.” Or “boy, people are starving in Africa.” Just having those memories and watching the video, cracked me up.

Another Michael spoof He’s done, was a song called “Fat,” which was an hilarious re-interpretation of Michael’s song called “Bad.” Al was obsessed with making food the subject matter for most of his music, however, most of it were mad funny. Please watch Weird Al’s “Fat” on YouTube, this shit is just too funny; and the dances are even funnier. I don’t think there was any other performer like Al in the 80s, he was definitely an eccentric performer. Check out some of his other classics such as, “Like A Surgeon,” “Amish Paradise,” and “White & Nerdy.”

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