I know there exist a lot of people who love to feed the propaganda monster; and will probably dislike me for this article. But, what the hell, It’s my blog. Do you really think there’s a White conspiracy in the music industry, to “steal Black music” away from Black culture? I’ve heard this talk over and over for quite some time now. As someone who has always had music in my blood since I was extremely young, I have a very different opinion on this matter. You know when I was little, there were many performers I listened to, that I never knew they were actually White. One of those people I distinctly remembered was Tom Jones; and apparently I wasn’t the only person who thought so; many people thought he was back then. I also thought that Michael McDonald was also Black for awhile until I actually saw him on TV. The reverse has also happened. I thought Chuck Berry was White until I saw him on TV. So, what exactly is the point of my two previous statements? The point is music influences all cultures regardless of where you come from. Second, despite what people think, (or want to believe), I don’t think we can put a color on music. The color of a person’s skin doesn’t denote their culture, neither should music.

Now I know a lot of you may think I am plum off my rocker! Yes it is true that Black music has literally influenced the world, I don’t think any music historian, or any average music lover would try and challenge this. However, understand that it is because Black music has been such an influence, it is only natural that other groups of people will try to mimic it because it’s so great! This is another reason why I suggested a few posts ago, to listen to intentional radio. If you listen to current music from India, Japan, Africa, and yes even Arabian countries, almost all of them sound American. Many Asian countries are very heavily in to hip hop. If it were not for the different language, you’d think that all of their music was produced by Pharrell, or Dr. Dre. No one is bitching that Japan is trying to “take Black music away.” I’ve heard some Arab artists that can drop lyrics better than some American artists! No one is trying to proclaim or take away anything, it’s just the nature of good music, everybody wants to do the same. The reality is, other cultures fought a long time to try and keep their traditional music, but it is fading away, just like American classic music. I think trying to take ownership of a style of music that was once ours, is like the military yelling and screaming on television that the internet was started by them, and they want to be acknowledged. The internet is so huge, and has been etched in to the fabric of our lives, does it really matter?

I think what’s important is to try and focus on keeping the memories of our dying music, rather than spending a pointless life time of pointing fingers, of an issue that really makes no sense.


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