Just who are these handsome men? They were a well known instrumental group; and the backbone of that group were Isaac “Redd” Holt who was the drummer, and Eldee Young who was the base player. There was actually a third person, piano player Dan Walker that made a trio. Together they’ve produced a song called “Wack Wack,” released in 1966, under Burnswick Records. The song had mediocre success. I do remember this piece used in a commercial, just don’t remember for what company. All I remember, it was some Black guy dancing in his underwear. And I think the commercial was all B&W.

In 1968, Dan Walker was replaced with piano player Ken Chaney; and they composed my very favorite called “Soulful Strut,” and I think still under Burnswick Records. The piece was an instant hit reaching #3 on the Top 100 Charts. Shortly after lyrics were added with the help of singing sensation Barbara Acklin, and the song was called “Am I The Same Girl.” BTW, while I’m still on the subject, check out Winsome’s reggae version of the song. I think Winsome’s version is the best reggae version I’ve heard thus far (and there’s quite a few of them). “Soulful Strut” hit gold, selling well over a million copies. But unfortunately, it was their only big success. They eventually broke up about 5 years later. It’s a shame because their sound is somewhat comparable to “Booker T. & the M.G.” (but at a much slower rhythm in my opinion), and B.M.G made pretty good music back in the day.

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